Meredith W. McPherson

Meredith McPherson expresses the ancient ideals of Zen through the medium of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy. Influenced by archaic Chinese Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Meredith distills the structure and etymology of ancient symbols into their essence; creating dynamic images that are both subtle in their Yin-Yang balance of black ink on white paper, yet powerful in their masterful display of brushwork. Meredith's contemporary Zen calligraphy interprets ancient symbols beginning with Shang Dynasty (circa 16th - 11th centuries BCE) Oracle Bone Inscriptions and traces the evolution of Chinese scripts to the complex characters of the modern Chinese written language. Meredith's work, infused with a unique artistic voice, resonates with the rich symbolism found within Chinese characters. Such symbolic imagery has created universal expressions of art and language reaching across cultures and throughout time. Exhibition credentials include numerous showings in the USA, Canada, and China. She has studied extensively in China with master artists, where Master Calligrapher Liang Zongheng of Nanjing honored her with the Chinese name, Mo Feisheng, Voice of Flying Ink. Enjoy My online Gallery Currently, Meredith lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico where she welcomes visitors to her gallery/studio. To arrange a visit, or to enquire about commissions and Chinese Calligraphy lessons, please call 505-994-0007 or email