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Friday February 1 - Saturday February 23

Color Play: Textiles & Clay

First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception:  February 1, 2019

From:  5-8:30 PM

Show Closes:  February 23, 2019

Title:  Color Play: Textiles & Clay

The Fine Art Tapestries of Donna Loraine Contractor (Local Treasure) & Charles LaFond-Fine Art Pottery

Also featuring works by Mark Foster

Color play, the play of colors amongst themselves as well the playful joy of creating the playground for them to interact.  For Donna Loraine Contractor that playground is her finely woven tapestries.

To address the theme Contractor has introduced another new Series based on "Tatami mat configurations called" WINTER TEA and SUMMER TEA, used in tea ceremonies at different times of the year.  Using these as her format, Donna Loraine sets in her signature "Window" element, capturing the colors of a New Mexico sunset as well as jewel tones of her Fractured Squares, inspired by the artist Klimt.

Also included are her well-known "Skinny" Strip Tapestries, long thin tapestries that a collector  can mix and match to create their own installations.

Throughout them all there is the playfulness of modulating the play of colors much like notes in a piece of music.

Donna Loraine Contractor's fine art tapestries are exhibited and collected throughout the United States and abroad.

Charles LaFond states, "Color is achieved on clay due to the playfulness of fire and oxygen, earth elements, oxides and form.  In "Color Play" Charles LaFond uses the contours of clay vessels to play with the colors of glazes as they mix and flow using stones as icons to the origins of clay and oxides harvested from the crust of our beautiful and colorful planet."

Mark Foster, Tea Master and maker of tea trays with touches of inlay metal and tea patinas to add subtle effects

Showing Opens: Friday February 1, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday February 23, 2019
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Gallery Showing

Friday January 4 - Saturday January 26


First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception

January 4, 2019

From: 5-8:30 PM

Artful Saturday and Artist Talk and Demonstration

January 19, 2019

From: 1-3:00 PM

Show Closes:  January 26, 2019

New Work by Artist:  Mary Sweet (Painter and Woodblock Artist)

Sweet shares her artist process:  " I have been a painter all my life but have only been doing woodblock prints, Japanese style since 1993...Most of my woodblock prints are done by reduction block rather than making a separate block for each color.  Being a painter I have trouble thinking like a print maker as to how to separate out all the colors. I'd rather start with one block, carve out the white areas so they won't print and then print the lightest color first then I carve out what is to remain that color on the paper and print the next lightest color, or I start with the sky and work top to bottom being colorful to print darker areas over lighter ones."

Sweet uses dampened Japanese paper and Kento registration marks, as well as watercolor and Sumi ink.  She prints by hand with a barren.  Her Sumi ink paintings are more recent and allows her some improvising and spontaneity. 


Showing Opens: Friday January 4, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday January 26, 2019
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