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Gallery Showing

Friday July 5 - Saturday July 27


First Friday Artscrawl Citywide Event

Artist Reception: July 5,2019

Meet & Greet Artist & Talk

From: 5:00-8:30 PM

Show Closes: July 27, 2019

Solo Show with Michael Thornton (Wood Fired Ceramics) 

Michael Thornton statement, "This exhibition combines work produced in my own studio with work produced during my recent residency in Japan, ranging from non-utilitarian to intimate-scale functional pieces.  Each pieces is individually made by hand.  Spontaneous decisions in the moment guide each piece's birth, as I design pieces which I would enjoy using.  The tangible product is a symbolic connection from my spirit to another's - serving to enhance the common experiences of eating, drinking, and living.

My ceramic work reflects an abiding interest in Eastern aesthetic philosophy.  In particular, I'm exploring the concept of wabi - sabi.  It is a view of artistic expression in which a quiet beauty is found in imperfection, in the weathered, in forlorn and the accidental.  I seek to embrace these aesthetic elements in the process, and to reflect them in this work."

Showing Opens: Friday July 5, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday July 27, 2019
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Gallery Showing

Friday June 7 - Saturday June 29

Common Ground

First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event

Artist's Reception:  June 7, 2019

From:  5-8:30 PM

Meet & Greet Artists:  June 15, 2019

From: 1-3:00 PM

Show closes:  June 29, 2019

Title:  Common Ground

An exhibit of artworks by Artist's:  Susu Knight (Pastels)

                                                            Marcia Newren (Fused Glass)

                                                            Jan Vanderburg (Etching & Linocuts) 

Susu Knight's statement, "I taught at St. John's College in Santa Fe for many years.  I primarily use pastels.  My landscapes reflect a lifetime passion for the American West.  I have studied its history, literature, geography and archaeology extensively and continue to discover new areas.  I believe my choice of subject often reflects a quality of intimacy and particularity which is almost portrait-like  My work wants to project a mood of tender and sometimes tenderly amused observation."

Marcia Newren's artist statement, "Kiln working, like most skills, is a broken field run of acquiring knowledge through trail and error.  The more experimentation, the wider the understanding becomes, slowly emerging in a less than linear fashion.  I love glass and wanted to learn to talk with it."

Vanderburg's statement, "Colors, shapes and textures that surround me are my inspirations while the printmaking process of reduction linocuts is my medium of choice to bring these inspiration to life.  Living, traveling and working in Africa, Europe, Central America and New Mexico have given me a wellspring of color and images."


Showing Opens: Friday June 7, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday June 29, 2019
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