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Friday February 5 - Friday March 26

Range of View

First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event:

Range of View

Carla Forrest-Oil Painting

Peggy Trigg-Oil Painting

February 5, 2021-March 26, 2021

Regular Hours:  11;00-3:00 PM - Tuesday-Saturday

                                                      Monday:  By Appointment

                                                      Sunday:  Closed

Opening:  11:00-6:00 PM

For your private or small group showing contact:  Valerie Tibbetts at (505) 450-6516 or (505) 883-7410

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Forrest's statement, "I approach art as an observer of the soul, enlightening the viewer about the presence, wonder, and dignity of nature and life.  I want the viewer to value place and person in a space of spirit and heart and bring this illumination into their personal environments.  While painting, i think about scale and how insignificant and unimportant we are in relation to the natural elements like sky, mountains, rivers, foliage, and fauna.  I think about light-warmth and cool-and the play of highlight and shadow, and how nurturing our sun is in the cycle of life.  This direct observation of nature and presence inspires my spectral luminescent works.  My plein air and object abstract pieces are created through a complex layering painting process starting with brushes and then layering tiles of color and striations using pallet knives and other mark-making tools and materials.  My palette and three-dimensional form come from what I see in U.S.A's Southwestern landscape-full spectrum colors and stellar shapes, not just greens, blues, and square angles.  I just love New Mexico!  It is a painter's paradise.

Peggy Trigg's states, My primary focus when painting is the energy of the land, not the actual depiction of what I see.  I try to reflect my feelings for the landscape through the colors I use and loose, strong brush strokes, laying color over color to create depth and texture.  I most often work using a spatula to apply my thick paint.  I primarily use oils and work on both archival birch panels and canvas.  I love the land around me because I was raised in the county by Santa Fe, and working on my family's cattle ranch.  I taught art in high school and focusing  on composition and exploring art techniques.



Showing Opens: Friday February 5, 2021
Showing Closes: Friday March 26, 2021
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Gallery Showing

Friday December 4 - Friday January 22

The Great Turning

The 38th Annual Invitational Theme Show

The Great Turning

December 4, 2020 - January 22, 2021

Following the Governor's COVID-19 Mandates

Contact:  Valerie Tibbetts for purchases or information:  505-450-6516 or 505-883-7410

Group Show

Artists:  Elaine Bolz-Sculpture

             Barbara Grothus-Mixed Media

             Evey Jones-Print Maker

             Suzanne Marshall-Abstract Painting

             Celest Michelotti-Jewelry

              Marian Miller-Jewelry

              Nancy Mozur-Jewelry

              Brianna Rickson-Pottery

              Dianne Schlies- Mixed Media

              Michael R.Thornton-Sculpture

Evey Jones, states, I am a printmaker.  I am a product of the great mark makers of the past.  I dive in with my whole being playing with the process and stretching it with both hands and arms and fingers so that the conversation between me and the paper and the press continues.

My eye gazing over every inch of the print, I stand back, surprised. amused, enticed by what I see, hoping the viewer will travel the page with me and find her or his story alongside mine.

I am a child of immigrants.  My art has always aligned with the personal, has always centered around journey and transition.

Currently, I am unable to look away from the countless people forced out of their countries, their cultures, their homes,  I am also recognizing most poignantly and viscerally the transformation that happens as one ages, as I age.  There are no limits in the struggle between life and death, in the crossings and the passages.  There is no compass.  There are no maps.

Simply a journey unfolding, again and again , as it should.

Thornton, states, The painstaking craftsmanship , the quiet aesthetic of stoneware.  My devotion to ceramic art has really been lifelong.  My ceramic work today reflects an abiding interest in Eastern aesthetic philosophy.  In particular, I am often exploring the concept of Wabi-Sabi.  It is a philosophy, in which beauty is found in the imperfect; in the weathered; in the forlorn and the accidental. My Ceramic work in sculptural serve to enhance and elevate the common experiences of living.

Suzanne Marshall states, When i paint I try to keep an open mind, an empty mind, the so-called beginner's mind.  I start by making marks all over the surface until all the surface is covered with paint.  Being attentive to what I see, I begin to structure the marks into a coherent whole.  I avoid trying to see recognizable shapes; however, I wasn't so successful in avoiding the obvious reference to botanical forms in this series of work.  From March through November this year, I spent many hours a day in my wild garden, enlarging it, improving it, and just being in it.  During that period, I also embraced my obsessive/compulsive nature by indulging in a plethora of house plants, especially my favorites, caudiciform and carnivorous varieties.  I think I can deduce that the biological focus has had an effect on my painting.  Perhaps pertinent to this explanation of my recent forms, I was a botany major in the 1970's, and I transferred to painting.



Showing Opens: Friday December 4, 2020
Showing Closes: Friday January 22, 2021
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