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Gallery Showing

Friday August 3 - Friday August 31

Stillness Moves in Nature

First Friday Citywide Event

Artist Reception & Talk

August 3, 2018

Title:  Stillness Moves in Nature

Solo Show of Peggy Trigg-Painting

Show Closes:  August 31, 2018

Peggy Trigg is a native New Mexican.  She was born in Santa Fe and raised on cattle ranches outside Cerrillos and Madrid.  Her first home was the Palace Hotel in downtown Cerrillos.  As a youth, she spent most of her time taking care of livestock, tending to the chores common to ranch life and drawing rough sketches of her surroundings.  later, she taught Advanced Placement art to high school students.  Peggy now lives and creates art in Questa, NM.  Her work is show in many galleries in New Mexico.  Peggy also has many pieces in public arts locations throughout New Mexico and Japan.

The artist uses a palate of colors that are striking in their originality and strength.  The fluid brush strokes add a subtle texture and energy to the surface.  The rendering is somewhat impressionistic and often inspired by the subject matter.  The artist is able to use her technical mastery to produce work that makes a strong first impression yet gradually reveals the depth of her love for the landscape she inhibits.  Peggy works in both oils and acrylics.

Showing Opens: Friday August 3, 2018
Showing Closes: Friday August 31, 2018
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Gallery Showing

Friday July 6 - Friday July 27


First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception & Talk

July 6, 2018

From: 5-8:30 PM

Title:  Treasures

Show closes:  July 27, 2018


Pat Conway's artist statement, "Nature's treasures bring me joy.  When we connect, I do my best to receive them and show them with curiosity and affection.  My process depends on how they strike me.  It is experimental, multi-media, gestural.  The new work on paper is acrylic/pastel/pencil/charcoal/pen...So, the work shows my take on the subject.  It is reduced by abstraction, transformed by angle.

I have always abstracted from the nature surrounding me up close.  Series include Rockcuts in Colorado and Arizona, Rock-in-Water during the graduate program, and Reflections after.  Exploration in New Mexico began with works combining various elements found here--hills, mesas, and plants, etc. in mixed media on papers.  New Mexico Earth focused on color, pattern, and texture of the hills, mesas, spires--including volcanic stone, lava, clay hills, desert varnish, pumice, sandstone, minerals, granite, etc.  These pieces are on square panels in acrylic with mixed media.  Last year I painted a series on paper of Primitive Plinths radiating their history.  This year I have begun a series of plants at their ending season when dry and losing leaves, now progressing into spring.  I want my work to be spontaneous, little off center, unbalanced, lively, attenuated, thoughtful and to have a backstory."

Showing Opens: Friday July 6, 2018
Showing Closes: Friday July 27, 2018
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