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Friday October 5 - Monday October 29

Simple Form/Complex Surface


First Friday Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception:  October 5, 2018

From: 5-8:30 PM

Show Closes October 29, 2918

Title: Simple Form/Complex Surface

         Zen Calligraphy

  sumi on Xuan paper over panel


  Meredith W. Mc Pherson

    Voice of Flying Ink


UNM Students:  Kristin Chapapas, Eli Friedman, Tiziana Dehorney, Monique Rivera, Jordyn Bernicke, Rick Orlando, Margarita Paz Pedro, Nick Guzzaardi, Audre Holtz, Anne Jaramillo, Drita Choy, Mackenzie Everette. Tiara Vigil.

UNM students in the Arita Porcelain Vessel Program explore functional works in true porcelain clay and address using hand-made porcelain instead of plastic in everyday life.

Since 1980, this art from has been studied at the University of New Mexico and has continued through the generosity of Mr. Manji Inoue (National Living Treasure).  This art form continues to evolve through the efforts of Professor Kathryne Cyman.  True porcelain is the most beautiful clay medium.  Students lend their unique interpretations within the arduous Arita techniques.  Working with this clay is one of the toughest processes based on a 400 year old tradition from Arita, Japan.    

Meredith McPherson studied with Grand Master painter and calligrapher Liang Zongheng in Nanjing China.  She studied Chinese art history and philosophy, poetry and painting, culture and craft, and the tools and techniques of Chinese calligraphy. Meredith has exhibited her artworks extensively throughout the USA, Canada, China, and Australia. She continues studying Shang Dynasty (circa 16th-11th centuries BCE) Oracle Bone Inscriptions and paints with a special focus on contemporary Zen-inspired brushed ink calligraphy on handmade paper.

Meredith says:  Traces of black ink flying across white paper enables me to express my interpretation of ancient sacred symbols and then release those images to the custody of the art viewers who reinterpret the symbols through their own personal cultural lens.  This creative process respects Master Lian's behest to 'Share the sacred images with the people.'

Showing Opens: Friday October 5, 2018
Showing Closes: Monday October 29, 2018
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Gallery Showing

Friday September 7 - Friday September 28

critical points

First Friday Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception:  September 7, 2018, 5-8:30 PM

Title:  Critical Points

Artful Saturday, September 15, 2018

From: 1-4:00 PM

Artist talk: 1-2:00 PM

Show closes September 28, 2018

Show of Trish Meyer-Experimental Printmaker

Local Treasure 2018

Trish Meyer, originally from Dublin, Ireland, has enjoyed a variety of creative careers from musician to graphics designer for film and video before falling under the spell of printmaking.

For Critical Points, Meyer works with paper and fiber placing an emphasis on experimental processes, combining calligraphic marks with hybrid printmaking and 19th century photographic techniques.  Her Critical Points show offers subtle political commentary, hidden in plain sight inside her abstract designs and mark-making.

To learn more about the techniques and ideas behind Meyer's new body of work, join us on September 15 for a fascinating Artist Talk where she will describe her process from computer-dengerated imagery to cyanotypes and hand-cranked traditional printmaking.  She will also reveal to you the messages - many ultimately uplifting, despite today's political climate - concealed inside her work.



Showing Opens: Friday September 7, 2018
Showing Closes: Friday September 28, 2018
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