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Gallery Showing

Friday January 3 - Friday January 31

Water and Earth: Spiritual Messengers

First Friday Citywide ARTScrawl Event

Artist Reception:  January 3, 2020

From:  5:00-8:30 PM

Show Closes:  January 31, 2020

Title:  Water and Earth:  Spiritual Messengers

Artists:  Michael Billie, Cat Tsosie, and Harriette Tsosie

Artist Harriette Tsosie returns to her roots in acrylic painting.  She collaborate with her husband Cat, to incorporate native imagery in a series of new paintings and on the surfaces of ceremonial gourd rattles.  Their drawings and paintings depict ceremonies such as buffalo, deer, and elk dances-prayers of gratitude for earth's blessings of food and water.

Michael Billie states, The idea to include bundles in my mixed media work came during a moment I had while teaching a workshop on eco-printing at a fellow artist's studio.  A year or so later a friend told me about an old story between the Navajos and the Hopi that involved two sacred bundles.  The Navajos had given two scared bundles to the Hopi in exchange for helping in obtaining freedom from being imprisoned at Fort Sumner.  According to the story the two bundles are still around and are kept in two Hopi family homes.  I use this concept in my mixed media pieces.


Showing Opens: Friday January 3, 2020
Showing Closes: Friday January 31, 2020
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Gallery Showing

Friday December 6 - Saturday December 28

Realms of Wonder

First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event, December 6, 2019

From:   5-8:30 PM

Show Closes:  December 28, 2019

37th Annual Invitational Theme Show

Douglas Black-pottery, Chris Casey-pottery, Charles Castillo-paintings, Richard Garriott-Stejskal-sculpture, Peggy Loudon-pottery, Suzanne Marshall-paintings, Celeste Michelotti-jewelry, Marian Miller-jewelry, Nancy O'Brien-prses, Terri Wildermuth-wearables, Dianne Schlies-painting, Chris Weston-jewelry.

Dianne Schlies states, "I work mainly in collage.  The spaces or environments are more abstracted than the characters.  And though I never plan it, I like it when there is a little bit of danger or humor in my work.

Richard Garriott-Stejskal statement, "Clay is a refuge where I can let myself be.  I love the gel of working with clay.  There a rhythm to rolling out coils, to the forming and smoothing that is nearly hypnotic, meditative.  That combined with long-time interest in the story tellers of the shadow world like Bosch, Bruegal, Alfred Jarry draws me to the edges of reality, to perhaps and inner reality like something half seen out of the corner of one's eye.  My work is a re-seeing of ideas from a very formative place.  I feel wonder as those images appear and reappear for me, and through my work to the viewer.

Marshall states, I love the emotion that is expressed in abstract Expressionism; but in my paintings, in the end, I have to reign in the chaos.  I start each painting with an outpouring of painterly chaos while listening to very loud Heavy Metal rock music.  I use all the colors on my palette making wild unruly marks.

Showing Opens: Friday December 6, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday December 28, 2019
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