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Gallery Showing

Friday January 5 - Saturday January 27


Mary Carroll Nelson states, "Reflections",  has both outer and inner meanings.  Ideally, a work of art reflects both the perceived world and the memory of it that we retain".


Marta Light's paintings on canvas, board, paper or textured wood explore music, places visited, felt and remembered from dreams and moments of past, present, and with reference to the future.

Mary Carroll Nelson is entranced by the multidimensional nature of the world we experience.  She contemplates our constantly changing reality and those fleeting glimpses of an evanescent dimension that occasionally reveals itself.

Hilda Appel Volkin states, "Working with light has been a constant source of inspiration in my work.  As I explore it's dynamic properties.  I discover that the optics of changing light has artistic and scientific components.  We respond to the spectrum and wavelengths of light.  Inspired by nature, the art demonstrates these changes and how light affects".

Showing Opens: Friday January 5, 2018
Showing Closes: Saturday January 27, 2018
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Gallery Showing

Friday December 1 - Friday December 29

The Imaginative Way

35th Invitational Annual Theme Show

New Work by:  Jen Lesea Ames, Nancy Berg, John Davis, Suzanne Marshall, Celest Mitchelotti, Kris Parrott, Robbie Ruhaak, and Carol C. Sanchez

Artist's Talk: December 16, 2017

From:  3:30-4:30 PM

Show Closes:  December 29, 2017

John Davis, states, "My artworks are an interpretation of and reconciliation with the world around me.  I enjoy the physicality of giving sculptural form to my experience of this world".

Carol C. Sanchez' prints are rich and seductive organic forms.  She works in the printmaking process of Mezzotint, which lends to her vision of "Organic Abstractions".  Her Mixed Media Constructions up-cycle her prints/proofs and copper plates to create "Contemporary Relics".

Parrott' states, "I studied stone carving with Lakota carver Delbert Charging Crow and have been carving hands and whimsical creatures now for 16 years using files, rasps, chisels but no power tools".

Suzanne Marshall states, "My new non-objective small-scale oil paintings present structures emerging from oblivion.  I start with random colors, marks, and shapes, then block out areas with loosely defined geometric shapes.  Vaporous, cloudy areas evoke oblivion or the aftermath of a cataclysmic event.  Color sets the mood and completes the work".


Showing Opens: Friday December 1, 2017
Showing Closes: Friday December 29, 2017
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