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Gallery Showing

Friday January 4 - Saturday January 26


First Friday Citywide Artscrawl Event

Artist Reception

January 4, 2019

From: 5-8:30 PM

Artful Saturday and Artist Talk and Demonstration

January 19, 2019

From: 1-3:00 PM

Show Closes:  January 26, 2019

New Work by Artist:  Mary Sweet (Painter and Woodblock Artist)

Sweet shares her artist process:  " I have been a painter all my life but have only been doing woodblock prints, Japanese style since 1993...Most of my woodblock prints are done by reduction block rather than making a separate block for each color.  Being a painter I have trouble thinking like a print maker as to how to separate out all the colors. I'd rather start with one block, carve out the white areas so they won't print and then print the lightest color first then I carve out what is to remain that color on the paper and print the next lightest color, or I start with the sky and work top to bottom being colorful to print darker areas over lighter ones."

Sweet uses dampened Japanese paper and Kento registration marks, as well as watercolor and Sumi ink.  She prints by hand with a barren.  Her Sumi ink paintings are more recent and allows her some improvising and spontaneity. 


Showing Opens: Friday January 4, 2019
Showing Closes: Saturday January 26, 2019
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Gallery Showing

Friday December 7 - Friday December 28

For the Eye and the Mind

First Friday Citywide Event

December 7, 2018

From:  5-8:30 PM

36th Invitational Annual Theme Show

Show Closes:  December 28, 2018

New Work By:  Mark Foster, Louis D'Amico, Allen Powell, Charles La Fond, Chris Casey, Linda Holland, Anne Englehardt, Margot Geist.

Linda Holland's abstract paintings evoke realms, enigmatic, yet with palpable sense of place.  Layered and blended colors, textures and motion invite the viewer to participate in a journey.  Her abstract sculptures and paintings have been featured in solo and two-person shows in New Mexico as well as juried regional exhibits.  In addition to corporate and private collections, her work has been selected for university, state and municipal art collections.

Margot Geist, states, "Late summer, early fall...and the Farmers' Markets in our city offer panoplies of vegetables that delight the eye as much as the palate.  We turn a corner and chance upon an aliveness that nourishes body and mind, if we remain open to kaleidoscopic space.  The work here part of a larger series, might be imagined as an invitation to dance with elements, atop fields' brown-wet earth, in the rainbow light of a market mandala."

Chris Casey artist statement, "My pottery is adorned with lines that explore the liminal zone between the concrete and the abstract.  These designs are improvised and play to our pattern seeking brains.  I'm focused on movement and composition by drawing lines in space."

Showing Opens: Friday December 7, 2018
Showing Closes: Friday December 28, 2018
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First Friday Citywide Event

Friday December 7, 2018    (5:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

First Friday Citywide Event