Elaine Bolz

My pieces are slab-built and sculpted out of white earthenware clay. After a first firing, they are airbrushed and painted with underglazes and then glazed with a clear glaze.  This involves at least two more firings.  Sometimes acrylic paint is applied after the piece is fired, and then sometimes wood is used for a frame or a base. 

I have always been very interested in art history, in world mythologies, and in exploring the natural world and the affinity between us as human beings and that world.  I use forms and imagery from nature including the human figure, which I adapt to fit my needs and whims, and I have a love of color and texture.

My goal is to work with ideas that interplay plane and space, and to create work in which the natural world is viewed as marvelous and beautiful; as something to be honored and protected. My desire is to produce pieces that have beauty, fantasy, and an element of soft surprise.


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