Lily Schlien

From pure joy springs all creation; by joy it is sustained, towards joy it proceeds and to joy it returns.”


My art primarily consists of working with linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints and collage; both in classic black and white and color.

The images are influenced by the Southwestern environment of New Mexico where I have made my home for over forty years now.

…the shapes of the mesas and rocks, their desert hues both sharp and soft

…the beautiful black ravens…Pajaro Lindo…that rule the bluest of skies

…the flowers in my garden

These are the images of my work that I recycle over and over…as I change and grow the art changes and grows.

I love many things about my life and am grateful for all that I have experienced. But when I am in the studio and time is allowed to flow…THIS is what fulfills me. THIS, as a current popular phrase says…

“is my happy place.”

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