Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson studied Art at Northern Illinois University receiving her Bachelor of Arts in 1990 with emphasis in Visual Communications and Photography. After relocating from Chicago to Albuquerque she began to work in glass. Sarah creates works of art that are contemporary in design. She is fascinated and inspired by natural and scientific themes.


"I think of my work as inventories of compositional lines and shapes inspired by, but not literal translations of, my drawings, paintings and photographs. Using opaque glass and the tools of a painter, I construct improvisational works that are schematic in design and invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation.

 I am drawn to changes within our environment that create a sense of past via recent alterations: repairs to aging stucco, bricks where a window used to be, evidence of over-spray on a sidewalk... What is the story behind this indication of action? Does everyone see beauty in unsightly change and decay? I allow my imagination to wander.”