About Weyrich Gallery

Valerie and Gary Tibbetts

About the Weyrich Gallery

Weyrich Gallery, owned by Valerie and Gary Tibbetts, is a special place. Intuition is the determining factor in the harmony the Tibbetts have orchestrated in their small space whose inspiration is on a grand scale. The thoughtful visitor will soon realize the high level of craftsmanship reflected in the work on display and also the sense that gallery artists seem to have an affinity with each other.

The Weyrich Gallery is full of educational and artistic products and services that bring harmony into ones hectic life. We offer a creative environment featuring exquisite jewelry, paintings, acrylic, pastels, and prints. Also mixed media, glass, metal, wood, clay, fiber, wood block prints, hand colored photography, monotypes, and limited edition prints.

In addition to a world class selection of fine arts and crafts, we also offer Reiki sessions, Feng Shui consultations, Nutritional Counseling, Aromacology, and Essential Oils and skin care products.

The Weyrich Gallery is host to many educational workshops and seminars throughout the year. Topics range from stress reduction, color and placement of art, to Japanese Tea Ceremony. Valerie says, "There is not only one correct answer to today's complicated questions. Applying various techniques and touches to your everyday life can make a huge impact on the way your feeling." At the Weyrich Gallery we have tools that can take you from the start to the end of strengthened understanding, focus, and health.

The Weyrich Gallery has been selected as one of the Top Retailers of American Crafts. NICHE Magazine surveyed over 20,000 American and Canadian craft artists and selected only a handful of retailers to receive this award. The Weyrich Gallery is the only gallery in Albuquerque to receive this honor.


Valerie Tibbetts


Gary Tibbetts