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Friday October 1 - Friday October 29

Shape of Language

First Friday Citywide ARTScrawl Event

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Opening Artist's Reception:  October 1, 2021

From:  3-6:00 PM

Hours:  Monday:  By Appointment

             Tuesday-Saturday:  11-3:00 PM

             Sunday:  Closed 

Contact:  Valerie Tibbetts 505-450-6516 or 505-883-7410  

Show Closes:  October 29, 2021

Title:  "Shape of Language"

New Work by artists:  Meredith W. McPherson (Calligraphy) and Harriette Tsosie (Painting)

Harriette Tsosie states, "Adding text to my paintings was a natural evolution in the process of finding my own voice and style.  In high school, I studied Latin and Spanish.  In college, French. As my painting practice evolved, language became an integral part of my work, largely due to these academic studies and researching ancients texts and manuscripts.  

After moving from the Midwest to New Mexico, I became fascinated with the idea of unwritten languages spoken by the Native tribes here.  I wondered if the petroglyphs would have eventually evolved into a written language.  I referenced them in early work.  Tribes are now developing written languages: most are using the English (Arabic letters) alphabet, which I don't find visually interesting.

For me, the visual appeal of ancient languages is their sense of mystery and sensuous shapes, I care little for the actual words or translations--except as symbols in my larger exploration of identity as it is shaped by language.

My research sources include articles, manuscripts, books and of course, the internet.  I admire the work of other artists who incorporate text, particularly Ethiopian artist Wosene Kosrof."


Meredith W. McPherson's traces of black ink on white paper interpret ancient Chinese language symbols.  The shape of Chinese language has evolved over millennia.  From pictographic images on oracle bones, ideographic impressions on ceremonial bronze objects, characters designed for identification seals, to modern standard script, written Chinese is a symbolic and potent means of communication.  Meredith's Shape of Language series includes artworks representing the evolution of written Chinese characters from ancient Oracle Bone Inscriptions to modern Standard Script.  She releases the images to the custody of the art viewers who reinterpret the symbols through their own personal cultural lens.

Showing Opens: Friday October 1, 2021
Showing Closes: Friday October 29, 2021
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Gallery Showing

Friday August 6 - Friday September 17


First Friday Citywide ARTScrawl Event

Opening Artist's Reception:  August 6, 2021

From:  3:00-6:00 PM

Contact:  Valerie Tibbetts 505-450-6516 or 505-883-7410

Monday: By Appointment

Tuesday-Saturday:  11-3:00 PM

Show Closes:  September 17, 2021

New Work by artists:  Linda Holland (Paintings), Debora Wayne (Fused Glass), and Evey Jones Jones (Print Maker)

Linda Holland's abstract paintings evoke realms:  enigmatic, yet with a palpable sense of place. Layered and blended colors, texture, and motion invite the viewer to participate in a journey.

Holland's statement, "My abstract paintings emerge in a realm that spans two dimensions to three as I bring sculptural sensibilities to canvas as objects."

Jones's artist statement, "I am a printmaker.  I am a product of the great mark makers of the past.  I dive in with my whole being, playing with the process and stretching it with both hands and arms and fingers so that the conversation between me and the paper and the press continues".

Debora Wayne, a creator of fused-glass-art, has developed handcrafted designs consisting of boldly colored multi-dimensional layers of luminescent art glass.  Each masterpiece that Debora creates is unique and one-of-kind. 

Showing Opens: Friday August 6, 2021
Showing Closes: Friday September 17, 2021
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